Another Smoky Morning

Morning Dew

The photo seen above was taken at Cades Cove in the Great Smoky National Park early one spring morning. The mist still covered the ground in the park. What I was trying to achieve was the effect of sun glittering off the dew drops on the grass in the foreground. It did not succeed in my mind. The sun causes a huge jump in the histagram off to the right but so what. I have seen photos where the sun is in the photo with the mist below. I’m not sure this photo succeeds.

Morning Dew#2

Above is a similar photo after cropping and post processing in Color Efex Pro. I think I like the cooler effect better.

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  1. sorry to say, I don't like either of these. I think there is too much foreground and not as interesting as I would hope. But I agree the cooler version is better.

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