Around the House – Week#1 Photo Challenge

The theme for the photo challenge I have set for myself is to take photos around the house. It was easy this week because the week started out rainy and ended up very, very cold.  A good time to be inside.

I like the way light works on glassware and especially colored glassware. So many different shades of color are brought out in the reflections. I’m sure that’s why I have a few blue glass vases; for photography.

Blue Vase
Blue Vase

Another favorite is the red pepper. I love the color red and the shape of the pepper is an interesting study.  I’m channeling one of the old time photographers here. I think it was Edward Weston who photographed peppers.



Light patterns on white curtains or light patterns on the walls is something that catches my eye. And the patterns are white.

Light patterns on a white curtain
Light patterns on a white curtain.

So there you have it! I found color, shape, pattern and line which are all three part of  the fundamentals of design. The red, white and blue of photographing “Around the House”.

If you are in on this challenge, I would love to see your images. Post to my facebook page at or post to your facebook page and tell me about it, or email me:

Next week the challenge will be to choose one room in my house (i.e. bathroom, bedroom, kitchen) and submit three interesting ones.