Author: Phyllis Peterson

Phyllis Peterson is a photographer who loves being behind the lens, seeing the world and capturing its beauty in her images. Here is what she says about her blog: The Title of my blog: Exploring Art-Artistic License conveys the idea that if you call yourself an artist who is exploring an artistic area whether it be writing, photography, music, or whatever, you have to take the first step to becoming an artist, i.e. making a conscious decision and declaring it to the blogosphere, I give my self artistic license to call myself an artist. I love to create things by my own hand. I have quilted, painted and wrote in the past. When I was young I would help my Dad in the darkroom with Christmas photos. Now that my own kids are grown; hubby and I have more time to do what WE want. I want to pursue my dream: documenting my journey of creativity through photography, hopefully finding my niche and style along the way. I like to learn as much as I can about photography and communicate "where, what, when" and sometimes "why" of myphotos to the blogoshere. Feel free to visit often and communicate your thoughts if you would like. I would love to hear from you.