Belfast Downtown – May 18, 2019


St. Anne's Cathedral, also known as Belfast Cathedral
St. Anne’s Cathedral, also known as Belfast Cathedral is a protestant church.

Exploring on our own for the last afternoon/evening in Belfast, the guide recommended visiting a cathedral called St. Anne’s Cathedral. Church interiors are sometime spectacular photography with the flying buttresses and huge vaulted ceilings with carvings. So it’s always fun to look inside.

Unfortunately, the church was closed so we looked closely at the doorways, with the carvings and words above the doors.

Detail of church architecture at St. Anne's Cathedral
Detail of church architecture at St. Anne’s Cathedral of Belfast.
Doorway of St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast
Words inscribed over the doorway to the st. Anne’s Cathedral in Central Belfast

Above the door are the words, “O Grave, Where is thy Victory” How true!

We felt we might die if we did not find a dinner place. We began to walk in earnest looking for a restaurant. We traversed the streets and alleyways looking for someplace interesting. The Dirty Onion (pictured below) was intriguing but it was very busy and we did not want to wait.  It seemed to have gruff bouncers!

The Dirty Onion
The Dirty Onion – Described as the oldest building in Belfast.
Mural on building next to the Dirty Onion.
Mural on building next to the Dirty Onion Pub. Not sure what or who it represents.
Alleyway in Belfast.
Alleyway in Belfast.










The restaurant that lured us in was an Indian Restaurant. Don’t remember the name.

Louise and Phyllis
Louise and Phyllis dining at an Indian Restaurant.
Phyllis, blog author.
Phyllis, blog author. at dinner.
Louise having some wine with dinner.









Our walk back to the hotel took us through some interesting areas of Belfast. It was raining and it was getting late.  My impressions are that this is a lively city with lots to offer. I would definitely recommend visiting.  Here is a gallery of photos taken that evening.