Best 20 of 2020

I like to sort through my photos at the end of the year and choose the ones that are special, either because of an event, a recognition or for what it means to me. This was a good year for me because I visited a few places and got a few good photos.

Here they are in chronological order!

Early in January 2020,  I made a trip to Watson Lake which was led by a knowledgeable and fun photographer that I had met at a camera club meeting the previous year, Colleen Miniuk. It was an excellent introduction to the Lake and I will definitely look forward to returning. . My photo ‘Afternoon Sun’ was taken at Watson Lake, Arizona.

Brushed by the Sun
Afternoon Sun – A tree stands in the middle of the lake surrounded by scrubby grasses as the light fades on an afternoon in January 2020.

I was able to make a trip with fellow photographers to Death Valley National Park. Now that we live in Arizona, it was not such a big deal to drive there.

Earthly Folding
Contrasting colors in the folds of earth lit by the early morning sun at Death Valley National Park.

Death Valley has long been on my ‘bucket list’. I knew it would such a fun opportunity to photograph there and it did not disappoint.

Death Valley Meteor
Death Valley Meteor was taken in Death Valley National Park
Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes lie in the Death Valley National Park

Back at home, we were visited by a quail every morning. Apparently, he saw his reflection in our glass door and he would pace and cry out for an hour or so until he moved on. But every morning he would return.  I was able to get this photo through the glass. He would have flown if I opened the door.

Quail on patio
This quail was our visitor every morning for weeks.

I began morning walks around my neighborhood and I could not resist the gorgeous cactus flowers that bloom in spring. The blooms only last for a day so you cannot procrastinate. Here are some examples.

Desert Beauty
Desert Beauty – Red and pink cactus flowers at the peak of their bloom.
Pink and white cactus flowers
Cactus Flowers with pink petals which contrast with the white petals in springtime in Arizona.

I had the good fortune to gather virtually with Adobe Lightroom enthusiasts on Zoom but we managed to travel to a number of places nearby in Arizona for evening and night photography. The following photos were my favorites. I especially like the petroglyph covered rocks under the star trails.

Star Trails and Petroglyphs at Painted Rocks
Star Trails and Petroglyphs at Painted Rocks
Fading Light at Big Boulder
Fading Light at Big Boulder
Bordertown and Stagecoach
Bordertown and Stagecoach was taken at Goldfield Ghost Town at Apache Junction, AZ

Here is a small gallery of the remainder of my photo pics for 2020. My photo, Holiday Balloon Glow, was a finalist in the Phoenix Magazine photo contest and I felt honored that it was published in the magazine in August.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my Best 20 of 2020.