Workshop on Creativity

Workshop on Creativity

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a workshop organized by Mary P. Roberts and Lorraine Shannon called Creativity is Key. The focus included both nature and non-nature subjects. In addition,  we had the opportunity to photograph at University of North Carolina at Charlotte Botanical Gardens, specifically the Japanese Garden.

I was attracted to the curve of the Bonsai branch against the backdrop of rock.  Using a macro lens (Nikkor Micro 105mm, f/2.8), I took 3 photos, each photo was focused on a different part of the branch so that I could focus-stack when I got back home. In focus-stacking, 2 or more images of the same subject, with different parts in focus, are stacked in Photoshop. And the focused parts are brushed into the final image. Here is the result of the focus-stacking.

Japanese Bonsai Tree


Another image from the botanical garden is the following flowerbud.  I used Adobe Lightroom to make basic highlighting, sharpening and clarity adjustments.

Budding Flower


The third plant I photographed at the Botanical Gardens was the following ‘Scarlet Quince’.  The image was processed in a software plug-in called Topaz Impressions 2. The specific process used was the Monet II which I hoped would create a painterly, impressionistic feel.


The second location where we photographed was Cline’s Country Antiques. This location has a treasure trove of used items for sale. The following image is called ‘Rooster’.


Both Mary and Lorraine have undertaken personal projects which they shared with us and they encouraged us to undertake our own project.  I have come up with a few ideas for my own.

One idea for a Creative Personal Project is the use images that my father took when he was young as a basis for my own project on National Parks.  As a young photographer, my father took many images at National Parks and I have copies of those images. I would like to visit those same locations and make my own copy of the scene. This would also be an interesting way to see how much things have changed over 70 years.

I’ll be visiting Utah with my family in two weeks and I can start then.

Thanks to Mary and Lorraine for encouraging our creativity in photography!


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  1. What a great idea! I am always intrigued by the changes of a place over time. I can’t wait to see the results!

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