Charlotte Cityscape

A photo expedition to downtown Charlotte almost didn’t happen because of the threatening storm. I was photographing with a local photo group on the top level of a parking garage. The clouds were swirling above us but the rain held off until we had gotten a good number of shots as the sun descended behind the clouds and the city lights came on.

Evening Lights
Evening Lights

We set up our tripods facing the city buildings. Our camera mode was set to Aperture to f/8 so that as the light faded our camera would be continually adjusting the shutter speed. My ISO was initially set to 200. I used a remote control for the shutter to prevent camera shake and I placed a level on the camera to make sure the images were level. Don’t forget to turn the camera and get the vertical shot (above).

After the city lights came on we could begin to photograph with long shutter speeds in order to get the tail light trails along the city streets.

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  1. You really captured some great shots of Charlotte! I am so impressed…

  2. Hello Phyllis,

    I am wowed by your photos. I have need of someone to photograph exteriors for a recent project I designed. Are you able to travel to Washington, DC to photo-document it for use on my company’s website? How can I estimate the cost for your photographing this project?

    Please contact me at the above email address at your earliest convenience.

    Louise Brodnitz

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