Derry – Northern Ireland – May 2019

My resolution for 2020 is to add to my Photography blog every month and hopefully twice a month.  My goal is to  complete the travel blog of Ireland/Northern Ireland from travels in May 2019.

Shopping center within the city wall of Derry, Northern Ireland.

My travels with my sister, Louise, last May took me to first Dublin and then to the cities of Dublin, Belfast, Titanic Museum in Belfast, Giant’s Causeway, and Carnlough to name of few. (Just click on the city name to view the blog post.) My desire to go to Ireland and Northern Ireland in particular was because my grandmother was born there and I hoped to learn more of the country of her birth.  My Great-grandparents and their 3 daughters lived in County Tyrone and left there in early 1900.

We were able to spend the night in Derry (Londonderry) in a very nice hotel and I was surprised at the size of the city.

Derry is one of the largest cities in Ireland.

We were able to take a walking tour of the city and here are some sights..

Peace Bridge of the town of Derry or Londonderry.

The Peace Bridge is the first sight I noticed from the bus as we entered the city.  So unusual and picturesque!  It was built for bicycles and pedestrians  across the River Foyle in Derry.  It opened on 25 June 2011, and it was intended to improve relations between the largely unionist ‘Waterside’ with the largely nationalist ‘Cityside’, by improving the access throughout the city.

The stone wall around the old city is one of the most intact city walls in Europe.

Magasin Gate is part of the fortified wall around the ancient city of Derry.

The wall surrounding the city has 7 gates. The walls were part of the old fortification around the city.

Gate which is part of the old stone wall fortification around the city of Derry.


Look for the next blog post from Donegal.