February 6, 2012 Learning Pet Photography 4


The focus this week is on including 2 pets in the photos. So I asked my brother-in-law, Bill, if I could photograph Laney and her new puppy-brother, Dylan. Puppies have so much energy that I knew I was in for a challenge but I thought, at the very least, I could try and keep an open, relaxed mind about the photo shoot.

I arrived with my camera, tripod, flash and this time I brought a light with a softbox to diffuse the light from the flash and a backdrop. The quilt I used for a backdrop had bright stitching on it which wasn’t ideal but it was a nice blue color which I knew would set off Laney’s whitish coat and Dylan’s brownish-red coat.

Laney and Dylan

I started out taking a few shots of Laney.  I realized that my lights were too bright and I was positioned too close to the dogs. My camera was on a tripod and I could not move around to keep their paws in the picture as they moved. So, some of the photo were overexposed and their paws or ears were cut out of the photos. Now, I asked Bill to put Dylan down next to Laney and they played together so well. They were completely focused on each other. Dylan began to get under the cloth and it would have been cute to get him coming out from under but I did not get the opportunity.

Dylan and Laney

If I try this again, I will bring a better backdrop. I’ll dial down my light sources. Lastly, I will have Bill stand behind me so that I can get him to direct their attention to him and get a full on gaze in the camera, for as brief as it might be.