Fire in the Sky

Smokies Fire in the Sky

The first evening in the mountains of the Great Smokies we traveled to a vista and set up our cameras to catch the “Fire in the Sky.” I had my camera on tripod with a 70-300mm lens set at 195mm. The settings in camera were 1/20 sec at f/16, ISO 400. As the sun was setting we had a swath of light which penetrated through the clouds and lit up the mountains tops.

When I looked at my photos afterward, I wasn’t sure these photos were the best they could be. Post processing might be needed. In this image I used Viveza to give the clouds some definition and brighten up the various mountains.

Here is the photo without any processing:

What do you think? Processing was needed or should have been left the way it was?



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  1. in my opinion, the processing helped. It made me say oooohhhh when I saw the one you pumped up

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