France, Day 1

Finally, I have gotten over my inertia since my trip to France. The first day we photographed as a group had very overcast skies in Lyon. Our workshop leader wanted us to use flash so we took turns taking pictures of each other with the flash against the dramatic sky.

The couple above were from New Hampshire.  There was a flash held off to the right of them, lighting their faces.

Above is our intrepid leader, Bryan Peterson. He had a flash with a blue gel lighting his face and another flash with a red gel lighting the back of his head. With the hair, the dramatic sky and the church in the background, it has a devilish feel.  We were using the strobe with the Pocket Wizards in the hot shoe.

Here is a photo of a tour boat on the Soane River.  The old city of Lyon is on the left and the newer part of the city was on the left. I highlighted the boat and the water in Lightroom.

More to come. Stay tuned.