Sunflower Field
Sunflowers should be called funflowers because they look so bright and happy.  On a sunny day the yellow sunflower contrasts nicely with the deep blue sky.  We saw our share of sunflowers that were worn out from the constant wind.  But the first field we came to in France on our 2nd day (shown above) were “funflowers.” The wind was blowing but they were still strong enough to look you straight in the eye.  

The next field we came to seemed to be much more worn out from the wind. One technique of getting good photographs was to grab hold of the stem and place the blossom where you wanted in the image. This way you could keep shadows from falling across the front of the bloom.

3 Replies to “Funflowers”

  1. I love field of sunflowers – but don't see them often.
    I like the one of the sunflower close to the camera and you can see the others blowing in the background.

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