Ireland – Dublin

Dublin, Ireland – May 15, 2019

River Liffey, Dublin
Reflection of the clouds on River Liffey, Dublin

Ireland has been one of those destinations that I have wanted to visit for a long time.  It would be a return visit because I spent 3 months in Dublin way back in 1968 as a student.  I took a correspondence class with permits to use the Trinity College Library for research and study while I lived at the Trinity College Girls dorm.  Some of the high points — no hot water in shower and skinny scrawny beds, but I still loved everything – learned to love Irish orange marmalade on toast for breakfast!

On this trip I am accompanied by my cool sister, Louise. We both have a love of everything Irish.  Our trip will take us through northern Ireland starting in Dublin by motor coach. So I’m writing this blog post on Day 1 – Dublin. We haven’t begun our bus trip yet.  Louise and I are exploring on our own today and we had a blast.

Dublin has not lost any of the vitality that I remember and, in fact, it seems even more populated than I remember.  We started our trip with a walk down O’Connell Street, named after Daniel O’Connell, a favorite son of Ireland. The street retains the old world flavor of old Dublin but has many influences of the new Dublin. Plus, it’s full of tourists.

One of our stops was Trinity College. It has a beautiful green campus – a sea of tranquility in a hustling, bustling city. We caught the beautiful afternoon light on the old trees in the campus green. 

Next, we stopped for lunch and, of course, we had to try out the fish and chips with a beer. Just for old times sake, I got a Harp and lime – Harp beer with a twist of lime. 

We scouted around the city and admired the clouds reflected on the River Liffey and the sculptures on the bridges. Our path took us past the “Temple Bar”. The signs on the outside said ‘food, drinks with traditional Irish music’. You don’t need a guide book to tell you that it is a hot spot in Dublin – the line of customers to enter the bar wrapped around the outside of the building.

The next day we started our tour.  Stay tuned for more from Ireland.