January 15, 2012 Pet Photography

Today, I had the opportunity to try out some of the suggestions learned in my pet photography class. When you photograph pets you need to get physically close to the animals, you need to look at the light as it falls on them and get soft light, you need to be calm and have patience. One aspect was stressed at the beginning. Pets are like people in that some of them like to be photographed and some don’t. Take my cat Leo, for example, he is a cat that loves to be photographed. He poses,  preens and shows me his best.

Leo poses
Leo’s eyes

Daisy Dog, however, sometimes is not such a fan. She cares a little but then she forgets.  Daisy is a good, sweet, cooperative dog. She will pose but in this shot she is distracted.


Laney is my sister’s dog and she is a dog who likes attention. She will bark to get you to look at her and pet her. Laney is pictured below.


Laney poses


Now Laney has a new little brother named Dylan. Dylan is a little fur ball and full of motion. He doesn’t seem to mind the camera but he doesn’t like flash.


In order to get close to the pets, I sat on the floor. The little puppy was a furry ball of energy and he just needed to run around to get rid of some of his energy. I followed him around until he calmed down.  Laney was a surprise. She usually barks until she gets tired but she did not bark today. She is still getting used to the little puppy. So we gave her as much attention as we could and still enjoy the puppy. So, I got some very good shots of Laney near the window with nice light coming on her face and showing catchlights in her eyes.

Laney in a reflective mood

Good pictures of the puppy were hard to get but I did get one of Margaret nearly getting bit by the little tyke.

Eventually little Dylan just wanted to relax. So did we.