January 6, 2012

Atlantic Beach, Florida

Beach Diner Shirt

On our drive north on 95 from Orlando, we took a side trip through Atlantic Beach, FL and stopped at the Beach Diner on Atlantic Boulevard for breakfast. The diner has not changed and I took the opportunity to take a few photos of the inside just to remind my siblings of what it looks like.

Beach Diner Coffee Cup
Neptune Beach, Florida
Then, we drove over to Shelby’s to get a cup of coffee for the road and found out that Shelby’s is now Lillie’s Coffee Shop. It’s sad because we liked Shelby’s so much. They had great bagels and cream cheese. I had to try out a café latte and I got a bagel and cream cheese just to see if they were any good. They did a respectable job.
Shelby’s is now Lillie’s
Décor is a little different inside and out.
Shelby or Lillie’s New Interior
We took our coffee and went over to gaze at the ocean before driving north toward 9A and home. We looked to the right as we passed by the Value Pawn sign that sits on the corner of Mayport Road and Atlantic. Maybe next year I can drive down to Fleet Landing.
Same old Jax Beach
 Over and out.