Labor Day Parade iPhonography

Moclips 2012
Pirate Ship – Moclips Parade

On a recent trip to the most western part of Washington State, we joined the Annual Dunford/Grant/Morry Reunion at Moclips, Washington for the 2012 Labor Day Weekend. Traditionally, there is a group photo and Richard Dunford lines us up for the formal (OK, maybe not so formal) photo which is preserved for the ages. But on Sunday, we gather at the road for the Labor Day Parade put on by the people of Moclips.

I think I can add perspective on this parade from having seen a few in my time: This parade was the longest and had the most spectacular floats that I can remember. And it was noted that there was an entry from the Quinault Indians Reservation, a first for this parade. And I included a picture of Mary Grant who is from the generation of the Dunford/Morry/Grant Family who started the reunion.  This year, I used my iPhone to take candid shots of the parade and some of the folks enjoying the event. The bright sun was a problem with this phone photography because of the high contrast and harsh shadows. But its hard to beat the iPhone for being ready, easy and relatively unobtrusive.

Moclips 2012 - 4105
Bev Grant Reed
Mary Grant
Mary Grant
Moclips Washington Pic
Margaret Dunford, Pamela Dunford, Max Dunford, Bill Maxymuk, Marshall Dunford and Grace Dunford,


Moclips 2012 - 4106
Rick and Susie Morry


Moclips 2012 - 4103
Young Generation-Max Dunford, Geric Dunford, Julia Reed, Grace Dunford, Marshall Dunford