Latest Pet Photos

Daisy Dog

Now that my Pet Photography class has ended, I wanted to post a few photos that I took for the last assignment. I was determined that the last entries should be from my two pets. Daisy, our Golden Retriever, is a beautiful dog but she will not look at the camera and always looks dejected as if being punished when I sit her down to be photographed. I was determined to get a decent picture of her.

And our cat Leo, who used to pose beautifully, now shows distain when I bring my camera near. So, I was thrilled when I got what I thought was a decent picture of him. And both pets have catchlights in the eyes, an absolute necessity for most pet portraits.

Leo the Cat

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  1. Phyllis,
    Daisy and Leo are sooooo cute! You did a great job….

    saved in my favorites so I will be visiting often to see what new things you have done….

    I'm in the process of fixing mine that I have so I will let you know when it's finished.

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