Leavenworth, WA

Days 1 and 2 of our Cascades Loop trip

Bavarian Lodge
Window boxes that decorate buildings in Leavenworth, WA

After arriving in Leavenworth, WA and checking into our room, we explored the quaint village which had a Bavarian style. We found the Icicle Brewery and decided to try out their brews. The brewing vats were right there in the restaurant. We looked at some of the menus outside other restaurants to get an idea of where to eat for dinner. When we got back to the hotel we asked at the front desk for dinner suggestions. Many of the restaurants have a German-style menu. Our choice for dinner was Pavz Restaurant.

Our meal started out with fondue made with local cheeses which were tasty. We dipped vegetable and bread cubes into the fondue pot. We haven’t done that in years. We even picked out a nice wine to have with dinner. Both of us ordered the chicken and we both agreed that it was the best chicken we ever had. After dinner we walked around the village and had a good laugh in the tee shirt shop at some of the sayings on the tee-shirts.

Leavenworth, Washington
View from Bavarian Hotel of Leavenworth Village

Next morning was breakfast in the hotel which was complimentary. It was very good. We left Leavenworth and headed for Winthrop. Our hotel was the Sun Mountain Lodge. This hotel is more resort than anything else. They offer many activities including: hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, fishing, or just old fashioned sitting around the swimming pool. Here is the view from the lunch room terrace.

Methow Valley
View from the terrace of the Sun Mountain Lodge Restaurant.

Once in the room, we planned our activities. There was no TV and really no internet service so you were forced to do outside activities. We hiked around some, took in the fabulous views and decided to each do our own thing. For me, that meant photographing. I have a new lensbaby that I needed to try out and so I did. Some of the photos worked out and some didn’t but I had fun.

We finished our day with a dinner in their restaurant where our table was once again a window table with a spectaular view.

Stay tuned for our continued itinereay on the “Cascade Loop”.