Marblemount, WA

Marblemount River
River Sunrise, Marblemount, WA

Our next stop was Buffalo Run Inn in Marblemount, WA. This town is noted for its being the first town you come to with hotols/motels after entering the North Cascades National Park from the counter clockwise direction. We arrived at lunchtime and went to the Restaurant in town. The menu included buffalo burgers, elk burgers, and kangaroo burgers. I felt very adventurous ordering the buffalo burger and it seemed to be almost identical in taste to beef burgers.

Soon after we were able to check into the room and we found it to be agreeable. At dinner that evening, not only were all the women that worked in the restaurant were Russian, but Buffalo heads and buffalo memorabilia was everywhere. Soon, the proprietor of the restaurant struck up a conversation with us and advised us to head up the road past the bridge for 23 miles and enter the North Cascades National Park. He stressed that we would not be disappointed by the views. We decided to take his advice and travel there the next morning.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

North Cascades Mountains
North Cascades Mountains

The next morning we packed up and headed out in the direction indicated by the restaurant proprietor.

Cascade Glacier
Cascade Glacier

The views from this location were stupendous. Bob and I hiked a 1 ½-2 mile hike up the mountain, for a 3-½ mile roundtrip hike. The following picture gives you a idea of what it was like on the hike that morning.

Hiking View of the Mountains
Hiking View of the Cascade Mountains

This concludes the tour of the Cascades Mountains and the Cascade Loop.