My Neighbors – Week #7 Photo Challenge

This week my photo challenge was to photograph my city of Charlotte, North Carolina and post three photos to the blog.  I’m actually visiting my son and his family in Arizona currently and I set up this blog ahead of time.

I chose to share my photographs of Belmont, North Carolina. My sister and brother-in-law live there and I have enjoyed watching Belmont undergo a rebirth over the past 6 years from a bit run-down and underutilized to a vibrant downtown. Below is an image of the town railway station which has been converted into a bicycle shop.

Vintage Train Station Building
Vintage Train Station Building

Over the years, I have enrolled in online photo classes. In addition to learning new techniques, the classes make me go out and take pictures, even in the cold of winter. One of my favorite locations to shoot is Belmont, a quaint village/town that works hard to keep the things that give it character. It’s working because there are no vacant storefronts in the town.

Main Street Shops in Belmont
Main Street Shops in Belmont


Belmont Town Clock

A nice clock tower sits on the sidewalk in the center of town.

The townspeople are not afraid to be quirky. There is always a group that pulls up their lawn chairs next to the railroad tracks in the afternoon to wait for the 4 o’clock train.

Afternoon Train
Afternoon Train Welcoming Party


Center of town boast a nice playground in the park where people of all ages can convene.

Belmont City Park
Belmont City Park


Next blog:  I will be traveling to a far-flung location next week: Argentina. Since I might not have all my pictures sorted for a blog, look for a photo blog from a location like Charlotte or maybe, Arizona.
Stay tuned to see where I photograph next.
And, If you are following along on the challenge, take photos in your City/Town and post 3 of the best to my Facebook page or email me: