Napa, Sonoma and Anderson Valley

Tasting Room at Domaine Chandon Winery

Our recent trip to Napa, Sonoma and Anderson Valleys of Northern California was so enjoyable. It was not a photographic trip but I managed to get some photos that I hope describe the area and give a glimpse into what can be found there.

We had a fantastic dinner at Farallon Restaurant in San Francisco and the sommelier suggested that we drive to Anderson Valley, north of Napa and Sonoma. There, we could explore an area that is reminiscent of what Napa and Sonoma were like 30 years ago. The next day we took the long, twisty drive to Anderson Valley. We loved the charming wine region, away from the crowds. In Anderson Valley, dogs rest in the driveway and rise to greet you as you approach. Wine barrels line the tasting room walls. Frills are at a minimum but we found a winery we enjoyed: Toulouse.

Anderson Valley

Toulouse Winery in the Anderson Valley

Trefethen Winery

Napa Valley


Darioush Winery

Vineyard poppies behind our Hotel: The Meritage

Mondavi Winery

Napa Valley certainly has changed over the years. When I was there some 30 years ago, restaurants were rare. The tasting rooms were informal and usually outside and free. This time, we ate at a different restaurant every night: Ristorante Allegria and Cole’s Chop House in Napa, to name a few. Although we visited many wineries, a few stand out: Chimney Rock, Darioush, Domaine Chandon and Mondavi. All the wineries require a tasting fee now but at Mondavi I approached the greeter and casually told him that I had been there 30 years before and there had been no fee. I requested the same treatment and, surprise, my wish was granted.

Enjoying our wine at Mondavi Winery

We all agreed that we would enjoy returning to Napa one day.

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  1. It looks like such a wonderful trip – your photos make me want to visit sometime soon!

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