National Parks Centennial: Acadia

Acadia surf
Acadia surf

I remember as a child living in the DC area and traveling to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia with a picnic lunch and staying all day and heading back home in the evening. We also visited Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks out west because my parents so enjoyed introducing us to them. This year the National Park Service is celebrating 100 years of service and I would like to honor the Centennial Celebration by focusing on everyone of the National Parks in my blog over a year +!

Acadia National Park is at the top of the alphabetic list and I visited there in 2012. All of the photos included in this blog were taken then. If you plan to visit the park, you can access the National Park Website for Acadia National Park here.

Acadia National Park is comprised of many islands. The center of Acadia is the Mt. Desert Island and the highest peak, Cadillac Mountain, is is known as the tallest mountain on the US Atlantic coast. You can hike 120 miles of trails or bike 45 miles of historic carriage roads. If you are a camper there are plenty of campgrounds.

Schoodic Point is on the tip of a peninsula and it offers astounding views of the coastline made up of granite rocks.

Tremont, Maine is a photogenic fishing village with charming buildings  with colorful buoys for sale and stacks of traps. Within the Tremont area is a well-known village of Bass Harbor. There you can see the Bass Harbor Head Light which is the most famous landmark of Acadia National Park.

Happy 100th Birthday, National Park System.