One Spring Day

Cades Cove Morning

The weather is becoming warmer and even steamy but I’d like to remember back 4 weeks to the middle of April when I was in The Smokies (Great Smoky National Park).

Mornings were cool. Probably wore jackets. Going to shoot in the Smokies is a rare treat. We had to set our alarms for 5 AM so that we could meet the group at 5:30 AM. We were in the car by 5:45 AM and heading to the entrance to the park where we would get in the line of cars and wait for the gate to open at 7 AM. The sun would barely be up and it would be hidden behind the mountains. But the most glorious thing would be the mist which hugged the ground and everything would be kissed by a golden glow.

More Smokies images to follow…