Personal Project – 2021

New Personal Project – Here’s my photo project for 2021: I  have joined the group called 52 Frames. The object of the challenge is to produce a photo based on the theme set out by the 52 Frames group. You can go on the website HERE and you post your photo to the website. You can be as creative as you want but it must have the theme that they give you and they must be shot in the week leading up to the deadline for that week. That means you cannot go back into your files and pull out something you already have.

I accepted the challenge because I want to challenge myself to produce a photo a week. Life gets so busy sometimes that I forget to take the camera off the shelf. Now that I have finished one entire month (I was not participating until the 2nd week of January in the challenge.) I know that this will help me keep my skills up to date and even learn some new ones.

The theme of the photographs I have taken in the first month of January were

  1. Self-Portrait –
  2. Week 2: Leading Lines – This image was the first one and I was in a hurry to take it. But it will keep me in the challenge. Some photos will be good and some will just keep me in the challenge.
Leading LInes (01-10-2021)
Week 2: Leading Lines in this photograph were made by the sidewalk and the lines of the palm tree.

3  Week 3:  Get Low – In this assignment, I made 2 contributions because I happened to be photographing carnations and I was inspired to include them in my challenge.

Get Low #2: 01-17-2021-01
Week 3:Get Low by Looking up at carnation flowers from underneath
Get Low - 01-17-2021
Week 3:Get Low by Looking up at carnation flowers from underneath

4.  Water – In Week 4, the challenge was to include water so here is my water droplet on the flowers that occupied me. I was using a macro lens and I wanted to focus as close as I could and keep it in focus.

Water - 01-24-2021
Week 4: The theme this week is water and my submission is a water drop on a flower.

5.  Horizon Lines – On my morning walks, I am treated to wonderful scenic shots and colorful skies. The lines of this photo point to an horizon line and the sunrise.

Horizon Line 01-31-2021
Week 5: Photo of a lake in my community which I believe has a strong horizon line.


This completes my first month of the challenge and I am very happy that I have been able to complete most of it and I look forward to posting every month in 2021.