Personal Project – February, 2021

Welcome to my second blog on my Personal Project for February.

Background on my photo project for 2021: I  joined an online Photo Group called 52 Frames. Each week the group provides a new photo challenge. As a participant you must submit a photo that you have taken in the week prior to the 52 Frames deadline.  For the curious you can go on the website HERE .The challenge continues every week for a year. I have chosen to participate  because it will hopefully make me use my camera and practice my skills.

The themes for the month of February are:

#6 Single Point Focus

Begonia Pot
Begonia Pot is the Single Point Focus Photo

For this theme I used a lens that had an f-stop of f/1.2. With this lens setting I could get the focus as small as I could and get the background to drop away into soft focus.. This was taken in the shade of my back yard.

#7 Golden Hour

Sunset in Scottsdale Mountains
Sunset in Scottsdale Mountains

One of my favorite themes of all time. There is nothing like photographing at the Golden Hour which translates into the hour surrounding sunrise and the hour surrounding sunset. At these times, the light from the sun is soft and yellow and it lights everything from the side. Photo was taken in the hills of Scottsdale just as the sun was setting. The mountains were fading into pinks and purples with the light on the side of the Saguaro Cactus.

#8 Roll Credits

Solitude is the Movie Theme Photo

This weeks theme ‘Roll Credits’. The challenge was to create a image that could be the last frame of a movie. It should have the feel of a movie and convey an ending story . This theme was definitely a challenge for me because I had never thought about movie frames. After looking into it, I realized that there is a frame size or aspect ratio that is particular to movies, and often there is split toning of colors. 

My husband kindly agreed to pose for the frame. He sat on the back patio in the evening, which was cool and dry. The lens that I used was 85mm lens for a ‘movie’ aspect ratio.  And after reading up on how to use split-toning I used warm yellow/orange tones in the highlights and dark blue/teal in the shadows. With split toning you can use color to bring out warmth (yellow) or coolness (blue or teal) which can convey a mood.

#9 Details

Detail of Pink Flower
Detail of Pink Flower is the theme for Week 9

Since I have been in a Macro-Photography mood so far this year, I thought I would continue with Flower Macro Close-up as my detail shot. Love the bright colors of this flower.  

Moving on. Next month will be 4 new themes and hopefully I can learn some new techniques and ideas like I did this month. 

Please come back next month to check in for  March, 2021.  Feel free to comment.