Personal Project – March 2021

Blue Mushroom

Welcome to my third blog post on my Personal Project.

Background on my photo project for 2021:  I joined an online Photo Group called 52 Frames. Each week the group provides a new photo challenge. As a participant you must submit a photo that you have taken in the week prior to the 52 Frames deadline.  For the curious you can go on the website HERE .The challenge continues every week for a year. I have chosen to participate  because it will hopefully make me use my camera and practice my skills.

The themes for the month of March were:

#10 Negative Space

Blue Mushroom is the image I chose for Negative Space Challenge. The blue mushroom water feature in our local pool usually has water cascading down from it’s top for the kiddies to play in and it is surrounded by light turquoise water.

#11 Color Relationship

Sugar Shower
Sugar Shower

Sugar Shower: This challenge: Color Relationship using the Harris Effect, was the most complicated shot that I attempted this month.  Sugar is flowing down to blueberries and hitting the spoon halfway down. A flash is set up to light the scene and I took 3 images. Each of the 3 images is treated with a different color in Photoshop: red, green and blue (RGB). The 3 images are stacked in PS to look like all 3 colors in one image. (To read more about the Harris Effect, click here.)

In showing the color relationship, I first chose a color theme and I opted to go with a background of red-violet and dark blue of blueberries below. These two colors are analogous because they are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. In other words they are related.

If I were to do anything differently, I would change the background to black to show off the colored sugar better and pick a bright red fruit like strawberries.

#12 Window Light

Windows at Swimming Pool

Windows at the Swimming Pool:  Window Light challenge is my favorite of this month because it captures the view out the windows at the indoor pool. The windows are arched and the left one has wonderful blooming Bougainvillea Tree. The water has nice ripples. It was easy to shoot because I shot quickly as I was walking past the pool and the door was open. 

#13 Slow Shutter


Waterfall is ideal for a Slow Shutter Challenge because water splashing down will turn silky and look like cotton candy when you use a slow shutter speed. The shutter speed was 1/30 second using a polarizer and a neutral density filter. The pond water turned glassy in the photo due to the slow shutter. And the flags in the upper left that were flapping in the breeze, are blurry with the slow shutter.

That’s all for March!  Thanks for viewing Please let me know what you think.

And look for 4 more Challenge images for April!