Blog #92: Dawn in Phoenix Area

South Mountain, Arizona
Dawn on South Mountain

When most people think of Phoenix, Arizona, I’ll bet they think of the city of Phoenix or the airport or a golf course. In Phoenix, the desert is never very far away.

While visiting Phoenix recently, I woke up early one morning and made my way over to an area called South Mountain. It’s very visible from where we are staying because the top of the mountain is covered with antennae of all kinds. I heard that there were some hiking trails over this mountain and made a decision to explore the mountain at dawn.

The morning I chose to explore the mountain, I looked on the internet for the time of sunrise:  6:19 AM. I arrived at 5:30 AM to avoid the Phoenix morning rush hour. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that South Mountain is a great placed to photograph. Wouldn’t be a bad place to hike, either. I love the look of the desert.

My equipment: NIkon D300S, Nikkor 12-24mm lens, Gitzo tripod, ball head, and a graduated neutral density filter.