Pick One Room – Week#2 Photo Challenge

UPDATE: There have been a few weeks of no blog postings due to website/blog updates. Hopefully, I can continue with my pledge to complete a Photo Challenge Blog every week from now on.

The room I chose to do my photography challenge was the dining room.

Lace Tablecloth
Lace Tablecloth


The dining room chairs have a graceful detail on the back of the seat.

Dining Room Chair detail
Dining Room Chair detail


Another thing you will find in my dining room: plants to catch the beautiful morning light.

Christmas Cactus in full bloom

Next week the challenge will be photography in my yard. Photograph along with me. Take photos in your yard and post them to my Phyllis D. Peterson Facebook page or send it in an email.  Thanks for visiting my blog page.

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    1. Thanks, Susan. You have no idea how happy I am when you post a comment!
      When I’m in Arizona, I will have to do a blog about my grandsons. You can
      send me pics of yours!!

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