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Engagement Pics from Roanoke

Megan posing
Megan posing
Megan posing for the camera in Roanoke

This past Monday my husband and I were lucky enough to be with our son, Rob and his girlfriend, Megan in Roanoke, Virginia just before he proposed.  As luck would have it, I had a great lens (Nikkor 70-200mm, f2.8 on Nikon D700) for portraits in my hands and I started photographing faces.

Megan will reflector
Photo of Megan using a reflector.

I used a large aperture setting-f/3.2.  I also used a medium-sized gold reflector which is a good tool to have on hand when you want to brighten a face without flash. Takes some practice, though. You don’t want to blind the subject with the gold reflection and you want to make a gentle light on the face.

Rob poses for the camera.

There wasn’t much time to search out the perfect location for the photos. All I had was the produce market in downtown Roanoke. The Marketplace is covered which could provide shade. There wasn’t any sun to worry about.  I didn’t have time to scout around. The photo subjects were restless.



A few photos were taken under the overhang and some were taken next to a building.

And some photos were taken when the sun popped out. For those I made sure my reflector was used to reflect sun back in the shadows of the subject’s face.


Rob in the Sun
Rob poses in the sun.

Took my shots. We said our goodbyes.








As we were leaving Rob called out to us and told us secretly that he would like us to hang around for pictures after he proposed. We happily agreed and took off to wait until he told us that he had proposed. We could join them again for the engagement photos.

Post engagement photo – check out the ring on her finger.
Rob and Megan are engaged!
Rob and Megan are engaged!
View of Roanoke from Parking Garage
View of Roanoke from Parking Garage

The photos I took were spontaneous-didn’t even have the reflector. The sky was threatening rain but I was able to capture the excitement and joy of the moment.

We couldn’t have been happier to be there for there special day. Soon after the clouds opened up but I was there ready to take a few special shots.