Traveling to Kauai

After a few months of updating website and blog, and I have a respite from traveling, I can focus on writing in my travel blog (which I love to do.)

My husband and I recently traveled to Kauai for a wedding and found a paradise there. Kauai is one of islands in Hawaii’s island chain.  It is Hawaii’s fourth largest island and is known as “the Garden Isle”.  It’s named that for good reason. Kauai receives a high amount of rainfall and everywhere is lush vegetation.


We stayed in a hotel on the Eastern Shore of Kauai in a town called Kapa’a. We enjoyed being in a small town with shopping and small restaurants within walking distance to the hotel. The people of Kauai are friendly and laid-back. The weather is very moderate and driving around the island is fairly easy.  Since we like to hike, we  explored of a few walking and hiking trails nearby, such as Nounou Mountain, also known as The Sleeping Giant.

The mountain known as "Sleeping Giant".
The mountain known as “Sleeping Giant”.

There is a road which goes almost all the way around the island but there is one location the road does not go through and that would be the NaPali Coast, located on the North shore of the island. As you can see from the photo below it is breathtaking.

NaPali Coast
NaPali Coast or northern coastline of the Island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands.

Staying on the eastern shore we could easily drive to the north shore and Hanalei Bay.  As seen below, it is a gorgeous bay that was the location for some scenes in the movie musical, South Pacific.

Hanalei Bay
Hanalei Bay is a bay located on the north shorn of Kauai in Hawaii.

Once you have seen the northern shore, you will want to explore the southern and western shores of the island.  Hanapepe is one of the towns on the southern side.  This image was taken during a helicopter ride around the island–a  super way to see the island.

West Coast of Kauai
Hanapepe Town on the West Coast of Kauai










For some spectacular scenery, every visitor to Kauai should visit Waimea Canyon.  It is a must see spot on the western side of the island. Waimea Canyon is nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

Waimea Canyon
Waimea Canyon

The rocks are multicolored and the wearing away of the rock is spectacular–just as in Colorado.

A trip to Hawaii would not be complete without a luau and at the wedding I was able to photograph the Hawaiian hula dancer below. She was beautiful and graceful!

Hula Dancer
Hula Dancer

Everywhere there are chickens. Most of them look like roosters but the natives plead with you not to feed the chickens. (But people do) The roosters are very colorful and the females are kind of brown and plain. Perhaps chickens are the goodluck charms of the natives.

Don't feed the Chickens!
Don’t feed the Chickens!

Thanks for visiting.  Mahalo!