Winthrop, WA

Winthrop, WA meetup with deer
Winthrop Deer

Day 3 Winthrop and the North Cascades

Wednesday in Winthrop, WA
Rise and shine at 5:30 am because of our eastern standard time habits.  I rolled out of bed, and headed off to photograph the sunrise. Got some good photos of sunrise. Almost got some deer shots but was so surprised to see the deer that I muddled the settings and the shots did not turn out. Note to self: practice changing settings from landscape to active or movement photos. Back at the room, we prepared to attend the complimentary breakfast with a window seat overlooking the Methow Valley. Just cannot get enough of that view. (see previous post: Leavenworth, WA)

Winthrop Sunrise
View over the lake of Winthrop, WA just before sunrise.

We decided not to tarry at the Sun Mountain Lodge because we had a full day of driving and hiking on the trails earmarked by Tom as possible hikes.  We drove northwest from Winthrop and soon encountered the North Cascades National Park. The first overlook was Washington Pass.

Washington Pass
Washington Pass

Next came the Ross Lake Dam and a 2.0 mile hike into the Dam. It was a good hike for us and we got good exercise and good photos on the hike.

Ross Lake Dam
Looking Down on Ross Lake Dam.
Cascades Mountains Vista
Cascades Mountains Vista

Next we came to the Diablo Lake Overlook. Basicaly another hydroelectric dam in the Diablo river. What made this stop most interesting was the color of the lake and the water leading up to it. It was a bright green or even azure: greenish blue.  It was beautiful. Continuing on the North Cascades Highway (Route 20) broght us to the town of Marblemount. Its not a big town.

Stay tuned for further adventures in Cascade Loop Drive.